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The Prognosis

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

under a well conducted course of hydriatic treatment is, in general,

favorable. Much depends, however, on the season of the year (in damp and

cold weather--partly owing to a lack of pure air in the sick-room--the

disease is more dangerous than in summer); on the general health of the

patient (not on his mere looks, for well-fed and stout children are

subject to affections of the brain); on the age of the patient (adults

are generally more in danger than children); on the form of the disease

and the character of the fever (erethic or mild fever being the most

favorable, whilst typhoid fever is the worst; a violent character of the

fever is not very dangerous under hydriatic treatment, as we have plenty

of means to limit its ravages without weakening the patient); on the

eruption, the condition of the throat, the process of desquamation, &c.