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Whooping Cough

Sources: Papers On Health

The cough is a spasmodic action of nerves which are

otherwise healthy enough, so that when the violent action ceases, the

child's health is much as usual. Any irritation of nerves or temper

will, however, bring on an attack, and should therefore be avoided, and

all soothing mental influences should be encouraged. Three or four

teaspoonfuls of hot water taken frequently, and given whenever an

attack comes on, will give
reat relief. We have ourselves seen a child

thought to be dying relieved at once by nothing more than this.

Therefore it should never be neglected as too simple.

Also the feet should be bathed once in two nights (see Bathing Feet)

in warm water (not too hot), dried and rubbed gently with olive oil. On

the night when the feet are not bathed, let the back be lathered with

warm lather (see Lather; Soap), quickly dried off, and then a

little olive oil gently rubbed on.

In ordinary cases, this will be sufficient to ward off all danger in

the disease, but in severer attacks the feet and legs may be fomented

(see Fomentation) while the child is in bed, and cold towels changed

along the spine while the fomentation remains on, so as to lower the

nerve action over the main centres. This is best done in the morning

before the patient arises. If anything like inflammation sets in in any

part of the chest, treat as recommended in Bronchitis or Lungs,

Inflammation of.

As far as possible, all causes of irritation to the patient must be

removed or avoided. In the time of whooping cough, the sunniest way of

managing the child is the best.

The other children, if any, in the house, should have the footbath and

oil, and the back wash, as recommended above. This will lessen danger

of infection, and make the attack lighter if they should take it.