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Categories: Diseases of The Nervous System

This is so-called because the bilious symptoms are the
most prominent. It may be caused by violent anger, disputes, excessive

eating causing congestion of the liver; abuse of spirits; some persons are

of a bilious constitution and the least error in diet and habit produces

such an attack. The pain may be violent or dull, the head may throb

terribly; the whites of the eyes have a yellowish look, and the face may

be of a dark brown hue, the patient may vomit bile. The vomiting causes

more brain distress. The mouth is bitter, the tongue coated yellowish, the

breath smells badly. Bowels may be irregular.

Treatment. A free movement of the bowels often relieves. First take an

enema and then one-half ounce of epsom salts. Do not eat anything but

drink all the water you may wish. A tea made of blue flag is often of

benefit. The diet should be regulated so as not to overload the stomach

and liver and the bowels should move freely daily.