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Categories: Digestive Organs


Causes. Cancer and ulcer of the stomach are main causes of excessive

bleeding; poisons also cause it; injuries also.

Symptoms. The vomited blood may be fluid or clotted; it is usually of

dark color. The longer it remains in the stomach the darker it becomes.

There may be great weakness and faint feeling on attempting to rise before

a vomiting of blood. The contents of the bowels whe
passed look "tarry."

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Bleeding of the Stomach. Absolute rest in bed

is necessary. The bowels should be moved by an enema and it can be

repeated carefully as often as necessary. Cracked ice in bag over the

stomach. If the patient vomits much medicine is useless. They generally

recover with rest. The extremities can be bandaged if there is great

weakness and also external heat can be applied if there is a tendency to


Caution. A person so afflicted, if he has ulcer, must be careful of his

diet for months after an attack. He should be careful not to lift, over

work, over eat or worry.