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Broken Nose

Categories: Accidents, Emergencies and Poisons

Put the parts in place by pressure and moulding. It is
easily done. Do not hurry. Put a strip of adhesive plaster across the

bridge of the nose over the break reaching to the cheek.

If the injury causes bleeding, the wound should be washed with clean linen

and boiled water and covered with clean linen. To wash the wound, one

teaspoonful of salt to one pint of boiled water. Salt is usually at hand.

f an artery is cut, this bleeding must be stopped. The blood spurts out.

Press your hands hard on the back of the thigh towards the body of the

wound. Another should tie some cloth around the thigh above the wound

tightly. It can be made tighter by putting a stick under the band and

twisting it around as much as possible. Raise the leg high up and put the

head low. If the cut is below the knee or on the foot, bend the leg back.

First put a pad or your fist in under the knee joint and bend leg over the

pad or your fist. Sometimes the spurting artery can be caught or pressed

upon with your finger. If the arm is injured, bandage as for the thigh. If

the forearm, the same as for the leg.

If a finger is cut clean off, pick the piece up and wash it and the stump

clean and then place the cut off part against the stump and tie on, or

stick on with adhesive plaster. It sometimes grows fast.