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Categories: Constitutional Diseases

What women should know regarding it. The menopause
or change of life comes on gradually, rarely suddenly. It is not preceded

by excessive flowing or discharge or pain in a healthy woman.

By cancer period is understood those years after forty, although rarely it

may occur earlier. The first symptoms of uterine cancer are:

1. Profuse flowing, even if only a day more than usual. Flowing or

spotting du
ing the interval or after the use of a syringe or the movement

of the bowels.

2. Whites or Leucorrhea, if not existing previously. If existing but

getting more profuse, watery, irritating, or producing itching is a very

suspicious symptom.

3. Loss of weight, if no other cause is apparent. Pain in the region of

the womb, back or side.

If any of the above symptoms occur after the age of thirty-five or forty,

a woman should seek relief and insist on thorough investigation of the

cause and prompt treatment.

Cancer is always at first a local disease and can be removed if early

recognized and an absolute, permanent cure brought about.