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Categories: Digestive Organs

May break into the pleural cavity, bronchial tubes, lungs
and stomach, bowels, peritoneum or through the abdominal wall.

Recovery. The result is unfavorable as it generally goes on to a rapid

termination. The abscess should be opened and evacuated when its location

can be detected. The death rates ranges from fifty to sixty per cent.

Treatment. Open it if you can, Sponge liver region with cool water. For
br /> the pain, mustard poultices, turpentine stupe or hot fomentations prove

beneficial. Keep up strength by stimulation and quinine.

Diet in Liver Troubles sent us from Providence Hospital (Catholic),

Sandusky, Ohio:

May Take--

Soups--Vegetable soups with a little bread or cracker, light broths.

Fish--Boiled fresh cod, bass, sole or whiting, raw oysters.

Meats--Tender lean mutton, lamb, chicken, game, (all sparingly).

Farinaceous--Oatmeal, hominy, tapioca, sago, arrowroot (well cooked),

whole wheat bread, graham bread, dry toast, crackers.

Vegetables--Mashed potato, almost all fresh vegetables (well boiled),

plain salad of lettuce, water-cress, dandelions.

Desserts--Plain milk pudding of tapioca, sago, arrowroot or stewed fresh

fruit (all without sugar or cream), raw ripe fruits.

Drinks--Weak tea or coffee (without sugar or cream), hot water, pure,

plain or aerated water.

Must Not Take--

Strong soups, rich made dishes of any kind, hot bread or biscuits,

preserved fish or meats, curries, red meats, eggs, fats, butter, sugar,

herrings, eels, salmon, mackerel, sweets, creams, cheese, dried fruits,

nuts, pies, pastry, cakes, malt liquors, sweet wines, champagne.