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Categories: Diseases of Women

Cystoma is the most common tumor of the ovary. The
word "cystoma" means a cyst tumor, or cystic tumor. A cyst means a cavity

containing fluid and surrounded by a covering (capsule). Ovarian cyst or

tumors is often seen in print these days. Ovarian tumor takes in the

cystic variety, cancer and sarcoma, two malignant tumors.

Symptoms. These depend upon the size of the tumors. The large tumors are

generally cystic.
Examination of the vagina shows the pelvis filled by a

tense, watery, fluctuating mass. Examining the abdomen, the abdomen is

seen more or less distended by a regular swelling, and sometimes this is

enormous. The abdomen is rounded and there is no bulging at the sides like

there is in ascites (dropsy). The navel is not prominent. The tumor can be

outlined. It cannot be in ascites.

Treatment. In bygone years tapping was done for these tumors. If it gets

large or the health fails, an operation should be performed. This is very

successful in uncomplicated cases. Inside of two months the patient is

about well. I know I have saved many lives of women by recommending an

operation for such tumors.

For the congested ovary, treatment by tampons and medicine often helps. I

have frequently given a medicine called Apis-Mel for this condition and

with success. I give it in tablets of 1/100 of a grain regularly four

times a day.