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Category: Diseases of The Skin

This is a disorder of the sweat
glands in which sweat is thrown out in excessive quantities.

Symptoms. It may be great only in the armpit where it stains the
clothing. When it comes on the hands and feet they may be wet, clammy and
have an offensive odor. They may be soaked, inflamed and painful.

Causes. The local forms may be due to a nervous condition; it is often
the result of general debility.

Treatment. General tonics are needed and those given under anemia, which
see. Applications for the local treatment. Solution of alum applied to
the part will act as an astringent.

White oak bark tea is good as anything. It should not be used so strong as
to stop sweating entirely. Then follow it with dusting powders of starch
or boric acid, containing salicylic acid (two to five per cent). When it
occurs upon the feet use the Diachylon ointment. It must be made up fresh
in a drug store. This is applied on strips of lint or muslin after the
parts have been thoroughly washed and dried; it should be renewed twice
daily, the parts being dried with soft towels and then covered with
dusting powder, followed by the ointment.

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