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INJURIES OF THE SPINAL CORD. Concussion of the Spine

Category: Diseases of The Nervous System

A severe jarring of
the body followed by a group of spinal symptoms supposed to be due to some
minute changes in the cord, of an unknown nature.

Causes. Severe concussion may result from railway accidents or violent
bending of the body, fall from a house, blow on the back, jumping, etc.

Symptoms. May come on suddenly, when it is due to a jar of the brain as
well as the cord. Loss of consciousness, complete paralysis, small pulse,
collapse, and within a few hours death may follow. In other cases
improvement, though very slow, follows. Walking is difficult and the upper
extremities are weak in these cases. There are pain and tenderness along
the spine. Brain symptoms, such as headache, dizziness and fainting, may
be present or absent.

Treatment. Absolute rest from the beginning, stimulants if necessary,
electricity is useful.

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