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LIVER SPOTS, Moth Patch, Chloasma, etc

Category: Diseases of The Skin

This is a discoloration of the
skin of a yellowish to a blackish tint of varying size and shape.

Causes. It may be due to external agencies, such as rubbing, scratching,
heat (tanning and sunburn) blistering; or due to diseases such as
tuberculosis, cancer, malaria, Addison's disease, disease of the womb,

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Liver Spots. Remove all causes if possible.

Local. This must be carefully used, find out first how sensitive the skin
is. Dr. Bulkley recommends this lotion:

Corrosive Sublimate 5 grains
Dilute Acetic Acid 2 drams
Borax 40 grains
Rose water enough for 4 ounces

Shake bottle, mix and apply to the part night and morning. If the skin
becomes too scaly, a mild soothing ointment should be substituted for the
above. White suggests the following:

Hydrarg. Ammon. Chlar 2 drams
Subnitrate Bismuth 2 drams
Starch 1/20 ounce
Glycerin 1/2 ounce

Mix and apply twice daily.

The application of peroxide of hydrogen has only a temporary effect.

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