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Category: Infectious Diseases

This form is more common in tropical countries and is
distinguished chiefly by its macular (spotty) lesions. In size they vary
from a small coin to areas as large as a platter. They are diffused or
circumscribed, roundish or shaped irregularly, yellowish, brownish or
bronzed in color, often shiny or glazed. They may be infiltrated and may
be elevated, or on a level with the adjacent tissues. The patches are
usually at first very sensitive, but they finally become insensitive, so
that a knife can be thrust deeply into them without being felt. The
regions chiefly affected by this type are the back, exposed parts, the
backs of the hands and wrists, the forehead, the cheeks, ears, back of the
feet, and ankles. The eruptions may be scanty or general; conspicuous or
insignificant. The eruptive symptoms are associated commonly, early or
late, with the serious phenomena described below.

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