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Bruises Case Xv

Sources: Application Of The Lunar Caustic In The Cure Of Certain Wounds And Ulcers

The following case was far more severe, but the mode of treatment was

not less efficacious.

Mr. Granger, aged 36, was exposed to a severe bruise by a great weight

of stones which had been piled up, falling upon the outside of the

leg; he was extricated from this situation with much difficulty.

Besides the bruise, the skin was removed from the outside of the leg

to the extent of ten or twelve inches in len
th, and in some parts an

inch and half in breadth; and in the forepart of the ankle a deep

furrow was made by the rough edge of one of the stones. I applied the

caustic in about half an hour after the accident, over the whole

surface of the wounds, and protected the eschar by the gold-beater's

skin. The patient was directed to keep the leg cool and exposed to the

air. He took no medicine.

On the succeeding day the leg was a little swelled, but the patient

did not complain of any acute pain but only of a sense of stiffness.

An adherent and perfect eschar was found to be formed over the whole

extent of the wound. There was no fever.

On the third day, the swelling had abated. No further remedy. The

patient was still enjoined to rest.

On the fourth day the swelling was nearly gone. The eschar remained

adherent. The patient walks about.

From this time the patient pursued his avocation of a stone-mason; no

further remedy was required; no inconvenience experienced; and the

eschar separated in about a month.

I think it totally impossible to have cured this wound, by any other

remedy, in less than a month; during which period the patient must

have suffered much pain and fever, and have been quite confined.

It is also quite certain, I think, that there would have been an

extensive slough, from the severity of the bruise. This was doubtless

prevented by the application of the caustic.