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Felon - Whitlow

Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

For this disease, in the early stage, when the sensation is that of

sharp, sticking pain, feeling as though a brier or thistle was in the

finger, immerse the part in water as hot as possible, into which put

common salt as long as it will dissolve; hold it in this _hot_ salt bath

for an hour or more at a time, and when removed, apply finely pulverized

salt, wet in _Spirits of Turpentine_; bind on the salt with several

icknesses, and keep it constantly wet with the sp'ts turpt. for

twenty-four hours, when, if all symptoms of felon are gone, no further

treatment is necessary. As a general rule, the hot bath should be

repeated three times a day, especially if the symptoms have existed for

several days and there is much pain or swelling, and the dressings

should be kept on as above directed for several days, more or less,

until all symptoms disappear.

I am quite confident that a large majority, if not all, of the cases if

thus treated at any time before pus is formed, will be discussed and

cured. If pus has begun to form before the treatment is commenced, this

will not _cure_ the felon, but it is good treatment, especially the hot

bath, as it will greatly lessen the pain.

By holding it in hot water for an hour or two each day, the suppurative

process will be hastened, and as soon as the pus can be felt at any

point, fluctuating, puncture and let it out; then continue the hot bath,

with _Calendula_ (_Marygold_) flowers in the water, keeping the part all

the time warm and moist.

For the restless and nervous irritability that frequently occurs,

especially in females, _Aconite is the best remedy_. It should be given,

one drop of the tincture to a gill of water, in teaspoonful doses, once

in one or two hours, and the same applied to the sore.