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Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

_Erysipelas_ being commonly the reflexion of an internal disease with a

peculiar tendency towards the skin, should not be treated locally alone,

but with due regard for the original disease. If possible, the patient

should perspire freely in long packs, whilst a wet compress relieves the

local inflammation. The compress, without the pack, would be apt to

cause a metastasis to a vital organ. Sometimes a derivative compress, as

mentioned under small-pox, will draw the inflammation away from a

very painful and dangerous spot. It is advisable to try it, if the seat

of the inflammation is the face or head. The water for the sheet,

compress and bath should not be lower than 65 deg.. I know several cases of

rapid cures of erysipelas, by throwing a profusion of cold water on the

parts affected. But, although I do not remember any harm done by such a

process, I can scarcely recommend it, as long as there are milder and

safer remedies at our disposal.