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Papilloma Forceps

Sources: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

Papillomata do not infiltrate; but superficial

repullulations in many cases require repeated removals. If the basal

tissues are traumatized, an impaired or ruined voice will result. The

author designed these forceps (Fig. 29) to scalp off the growths

without injury to the normal tissues.

[FIG. 31.--The author's laryngeal rotation forceps.]

[FIG. 32.--Enlarged view of the jaws of the author's vocal-nodule

forceps. Larger cups are made for other purposes but these tiny cups

permit of that extreme delicacy required in the excision of the

nodules from the vocal cords of singers and other voice users.]

[FIG 33.-Extra large laryngeal tissue forceps. 30 cm. long, for

removing entire growths or large specimens of tissue. A smaller size

is made.]