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Painful Urination Incontinence Of Urine

Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

_Involuntary Urination._

Where the discharge of urine produces smarting and burning of the

urethra, _Cantharis_ is the remedy. Where there seems to be an over

secretion of acrid urine, producing inflammation of the neck of the

bladder, known by pain in the glans penis, _Copaiva_, and _Apis mel._

are the remedies. If there appears to be a partial palsy of the neck of

the bladder, the discharge taking place
in sleep, _Podophyllin_ is the

surest remedy. I have cured some bad cases by the use of these three

remedies, given in rotation three or four hours apart.

Injections of a solution of borax into the bladder, have, in several

cases, been sufficient to effect a perfect cure, without any other

remedy. This may be used in connection with the other remedies. For

painful urination with a distressed feeling in the neck of the bladder,

causing a constant disposition to evacuate urine, the _Althoea

Officinalis_ is a certain remedy; it acts like a charm. It is an

important remedy for inflammation of the bladder. A good mode of using

it is in form of a warm infusion in doses of a table spoonful every half

hour or hour, according to the urgency of the symptoms. The _Althoea

Rosa_ (Hollyhock) may be used as a substitute, though it is not as good.

Every family should cultivate the _Althoea Officinalis_ (Marsh

Mallow), so that the fresh green root, which is the best, can be

procured at any time. I have been able to relieve patients with it,

especially females, when all other remedies seemed unavailing. It is

particularly useful for urinary difficulties of pregnant females.