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Painful Menstruation

Categories: The Analysis of Disease States: Helping the Body Recover
Sources: How And When To Be Your Own Doctor

Elsie was twenty. She came to see me because I had helped Elsie's

mother overcome breast cancer many years earlier. Elsie began to

have very painful periods with profuse bleeding and abdominal pain.

Her nutrition had been generally good because her mother couldn't

survive on the average American diet and had long ago converted her

family to vegetarianism. And like her mother, Elsie had been taking

vitamins for many yea

A medical doctor diagnosed Elsie as having endometriosis, meaning,

the lining of her uterus had migrated to the fallopian tubes, where

it continued to bleed regularly into the abdominal cavity, following

the same hormonal cycle as the endometritial tissue that lines the

uterus. The doctor offered to try hormonal manipulation and if this

proved unsuccessful, offered a hysterectomy. That would certainly

eliminate the symptoms!

But Elsie did not wish to eliminate her ability to have children and

preferred not to risk throwing her hormones off balance. So she came

to me. My analysis showed that she had weak ovaries and weak uterus.

These were secondary to a toxic colon, toxic because she had a weak

gall bladder and weak pancreas that reduced her digestive capacity

and turned her improperly combined Organic, vegetarian legume-rich

diet into toxemia. Checking her foods for allergies I discovered the

normal pattern: Elsie was intolerant to dairy, wheat, eggs, corn,

soy and concentrated sugars.

Being no stranger to fasting (her mother had fasted at length ten

years previously) Elsie undertook a 30 day cleanse on vegetable

juice with daily enemas, taking vitamins in powdered form. After the

fast I put her on protomorphogens for her reproductive organs and

pancreas. The gall bladder had healed by itself during fasting--gall

bladders usually heal easily. Her maintenance diet included using

pancreatic enzyme supplements when eating vegetable proteins and

Elsie eliminated most fats so her gall bladder would not be

stressed. The fasting also overcame her allergic reactions to corn

and wheat but she was still unable to handle soy products, eggs or

dairy. After six months Elsie no longer needed protomorphogens, had

no abdominal pain and her periods were normal.

You may well be wondering how or why detoxification of the bowels

allowed the body to repair the uterus. The large intestine is a sort

of nest that cradles the reproductive organs, including the ovaries,

uterus, and in the case of the male, the prostate gland. A toxic

colon is like having one rotten apple in a basket, it contaminates

the whole batch. Many problems in the abdominal area are caused by a

toxic colon, including chronic back pain, ovarian cysts,

infertility, birth abnormalities, bladder infections and bladder

cancer, painful menstruation, fibroids and other benign growths as

well as malignant ones, and prostatitis or prostate cancer. Detoxing

the body and cleaning out the colon should be a part of the healing

of all of these conditions.