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Papillomata Of The Larynx In Children

Sources: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

Of all benign growths in the larynx papilloma is the most frequent. It

may occur at any age of childhood and may even be congenital. The

outstanding fact which necessarily influences our treatment is the

tendency to recurrences, followed eventually in practically all cases

by a tendency to disappearance. In the author's opinion multiple

papillomata constitute a benign, self-limited disease. There are two

classes of cases. 1. Those in which the growth gets well

spontaneously, or with slight treatment, surgically or otherwise; and,

2, those not readily amenable to any form of treatment, recurrences

appearing persistently at the old sites, and in entirely new

locations. In the author's opinion these two classes of case represent

not two different kinds of growths, but stages in the disease. Those

that get well after a single removal are near the end of the disease.

Papillomata are of inflammatory origin and are not true neoplasms in

the strictest sense.