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Sources: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

Take the B D current, medium force. If the paralysis be in a lower limb,

place P. P., long cord, upon the lower lumbar vertebrae, so as to reach

the hypogastric plexus, and treat with the metallic brush, N. P., five

to eight minutes, over all the affected parts. Then close the sitting

with reversed poles, about one to two minutes, having P. P., long

cord, at the foot, and manipulating over the parts affected, and

ally over the lumbar vertebrae, with N. P. This is to prevent

depletion by running off the electro-vital fluid too much, and to

force the electric current through the nerves in an upward and inward

tonic-giving direction. If the disease be in an arm or hand, treat it in

a manner analogous to the above; extending the treatment from back of

neck to the affected parts.

In case of hemiplegia or paraplegia, run the current from the

healthy side of the spine, (in hemiplegia,) or from a healthy part

of the spine, (in paraplegia,) to and through the paralyzed parts, by

placing P. P., long cord, on spine, and manipulating with N. P.,

metallic brush commonly, upon the parts paralyzed. Close the treatment

with reversed poles for a moment or two, as in the preceding cases.

Old paralysis requires considerable time to cure it. Treat about

three times a week, occasionally omitting a week.