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Sitz-bath Anchor Of Safety

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

If there be much delirium, the sitz-bath may be required longer, and the

pack shorter, as indicated above (81). In all such cases the packs and

sitz-baths, alternately, ought to be continued, till the nervous

symptoms disappear altogether, and should they make their appearance

again, the treatment must be resumed without delay.

I repeat that in such cases, the sitz-bath is the only anchor of

safety I know of. I have tried to remove these dangerous symptoms by

packs, affusions, baths, but almost always in vain; whilst the sitz-bath

has never failed to insure success. As I am the only writer on hydriatic

treatment of scarlatina (as far as I know), who mentions the virtue of

the sitz-bath in those cases, and as I am probably the first who

ventured to use it, with one of my own children, in 1836, when all

seemed to fail, I shall corroborate my advice by a couple of cases.