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Sore Nipples

Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

This affection of nursing women frequently comes on before the birth of

the child, but generally does not make its appearance until after the

suckling has continued for a week or more. It seems in some cases to be

connected with the aphthae (sore mouth) of the child, or at least to be

aggravated by contact with the sore mouth; on the other hand it

sometimes seems as though the sore nipples produced the sore mouth of



I treat both the nipple and the child's mouth with the same remedy

_Eupatorium aro._, applied at the strength of 6 drops of the tincture,

to a teaspoonful of water, the application being made by a soft cloth,

wet and laid over the nipple; give drop doses of the same strength

internally every three hours, which will, in nearly all cases effect a

cure in one or two days. The child's mouth should be wet with the same

each time just before nursing. The oil from the pit of the butter nut,

(Juglan's Cinerea,) obtained by heating the pit and pressing out the

oil, applied to the nipple, will generally cure it after 3 or 4

applications about six hours apart. The child may take hold when the oil

is on, without danger. This remedy is sufficient in nearly all cases.