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Stings Of Insects

Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

The effect produced by the sting of Bees, Wasps, and Hornets of all

kinds, is so nearly, if not quite identical, that I shall make no

distinction between them. There are very few, if any persons, who do not

know the symptoms, at least the local effects of the Bee sting. Pungent,

stinging, aching pain, redness and swelling of the part. The wound has

at first, and for some time, a white spot or point where the sting

ed, surrounded by an areola of bright scarlet, growing fainter and

paler as it recedes. The swelling is not pointed, but a rounded

elevation, with a feeling of hardness. If upon the face, it not

unfrequently causes the whole face to swell so as to nearly if not

entirely close the eyes. In some instances, the brain becomes affected

and death ensues.


I have for many years, used but _one remedy_, and that has in all cases,

and under all circumstances, when applied at any stage of the affection,

produced prompt and perfect relief; therefore I shall recommend no

other. It is the common garden _Onion_, (_Allium cepa_) applied to the

spot where the sting entered. I cut the fresh Onion and apply the raw

surface to the spot, changing it for a fresh piece every ten to fifteen

minutes, until the pain and swelling, and all disagreeable symptoms

disappear. If it is applied immediately after the stinging, the first

application will afford perfect relief in a few minutes, and no further

effect from it will be experienced. Applied later, it must be continued

longer, and this may be done one or two days after the stinging, with

just as much certainty of removing whatever symptoms may still exist.

I treated one case when three days had elapsed, the patient (a young

lady) was delirious and speechless, the whole face was so swollen as to

entirely disfigure her features, raising the cheeks to a level with the

nose, and closing the eyes. Her life was almost despaired of. The

surface of a freshly cut onion was applied to the point where the sting

entered, and changed about once an hour for a fresh piece. In a few

hours consciousness returned, and a rapid recovery followed. All the

swelling and disagreeable symptoms were gone in three days.

_Ledum_ is highly recommended by some Physicians, and is doubtless of

some value, but it is not to be compared with the _Allium_.

The most potent and certain remedy for the poison caused by the