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Smallpox entirely prevented by re-vaccination

Categories: Infectious Diseases

In the Bavarian army re-
vaccination has been compulsory since 1843. From that date till 1857, not

even a single case of unmodified smallpox occurred, nor a single death

from smallpox. During the year of duty, Dr. Marson, physician of the

London Smallpox Hospital, has never observed a single case of smallpox in

the officers and employees of the hospital, who are re-vaccinated when

they enter the service, and who are constantly exposed to the infection.

"Out of more than 10,000 children vaccinated at Brussels with animal

lymph, from 1865 to 1870, and who went through the terrible epidemic of

smallpox, which in 1870 and 1871 frightened the world, not a single one

was to my knowledge reported as being attacked by the disease. The same

immunity was shared by those, a much larger number, whom I had

re-vaccinated and who at the same time were living in epidemic

centers."--Dr. Warlemont, of Brussels.