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SHAKING PALSY. (Paralysis Agitans)

Categories: Diseases of The Nervous System

This is a chronic affection of the
nervous system, characterized by muscular weakness, trembling and


Causes. It usually occurs after the fortieth year, and is more common in

men than in women. The exciting causes are exposure to cold and wet,

business worries, anxieties, violent emotional excitement and specific


Symptoms. The four prominent symptoms are trembling, wea
ness, rigidity,

and a peculiar attitude. It generally develops gradually, usually in one

or the other hand. There is at first a fine trembling, beginning in the

hands or feet, gradually extending to the arms, the legs and sometimes the

whole body. The head is not involved so frequently. This trembling

(tremor) consists of rapid, uniform "shakings." At first it may come in

spells, but as the disease advances it is continuous. Any excitement makes

it worse. It is very marked in the hands. The trembling generally ceases

during sleep. The muscles become rigid and shortened; the head is bent and

the body is bent forward; the arms are flexed (bent) and the thumbs are

turned into the palms and grasped by the fingers; the legs are bent,

movement soon becomes impaired and the extremities show some stiffness in

motion. There is great weakness of the muscles and it is most marked,

where the trembling is most developed. There is no expression on the face,

and the person has a slow and measured speech. The walk is very peculiar,

and in attempting to walk the steps are short and hurried. The steps

gradually become faster and faster, while the body is bent forward and the

patient must keep on going faster to keep from falling. It is difficult to

go around in a short circle. The patient cannot change his position in bed

easily. The mind is rarely affected.

Recovery. It is an incurable disease. It may run on for twenty years or

more. There may be times of improvement, but the tendency is to grow,

gradually worse.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Shaking Palsy. This is simply to make the

patient as comfortable as possible. Regulate the diet. The patient should

not worry or have much exercise. Frequent warm baths are sometimes

beneficial with gentle massage of the muscles.