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Medical Articles

Extraction Of Soft Friable Foreign Bodies From The Tracheobronchial Tree

The difficulties here consist in the liability of crushing or...


Esophagoscopy is demanded in every case in which a foreign b...

Flannel Bands

See Band, Flannel. ...


Nothing is more required in healing than properly to nourish t...

Children's Sleep

This most important matter of good sleep for the child depends...


Some have a predisposition to this most painful disease, and r...

Snake Bite

Suck the wound, and apply a drop or two of strong ammonia to t...

Eyes Hazy Sight

Frequently, after inflammation, and even when that has ceased,...

Feeding Over

It is well to remember that over-feeding is a relative term. T...


This serious trouble in slighter forms affects one side of the...

Penetrating Projectiles

Foreign bodies that have penetrated the chest wall and lodge...

Diet For The Lean

To a large extent the preceding article will suggest what is s...


After what has been said about the symptoms of scarlatina, it...

Punctures Case I

A.B. received a severe punctured wound by a hook of the size ...


MICHEL DE NOTREDAME, or NOSTRADAMUS, a celebrated French phys...

Enlargement Of Liver

Take A D current, with medium force. Place N. P., some three ...

Wounds Bleeding Of

After sending for a surgeon the first thing to be looked at in...


JOHANN JOSEPH GASSNER, who was regarded as a thaumaturge by h...


This forms a severe feature in many cases of illness, and has ...

Examination Of The Trachea And Bronchi

All bronchial orifices must be identified seriatim; because ...


Source: Papers On Health

Often in cases where our treatment fails to cure, the failure
is due to the patient taking aconite as an allopathic remedy. Used
homoeopathically, it may be harmless, but if taken in considerable
doses, even once a month, it prevents all cure. It gives relief in
heart palpitation, and in case of extreme sensibility, but its other
poisonous effects far outweigh the temporary benefits. A gentle, kindly
soaping with soap lather (see Lather and Soap) over all the body will
relieve extreme sensibility far better than aconite, and can be
frequently repeated without injury. Aconite must be avoided if our
treatment is to be effective.

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