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Medical Articles

Balance Loss Of

Cases where loss of balance in walking and standing are due to...

Burns And Scalds

No matter what the nature and extent of the burn may be, the ...

The Coal Foods

Kinds of Coal Foods. There are many different kinds of Coal...

Benign Growths In The Larynx

Benign growths in the larynx are easily and accurately remova...

Aphonia Loss Of Voice

This affection requires treatment variously, as it depends on...



Acute Cardiac Symptoms Acute Heart Attack

It is not proposed here to describe the condition of sudden...


It is rarely, if ever, advisable to use alcohol. In certain ...

The Electric Circuit

The Electric Circuit is made up of any thing and every thing ...

To Mothers

MOST mothers know that it is better for the baby to p...


There is intense drowsiness and contraction of pupils of eye. ...

The Eye

How the Eye is Made. Next in importance after the smell and t...

Stage 3 Passing Through The Thoracic Esophagus

The thoracic esophagus will be seen to expand during inspira...

Brain Rest

The need for this is often indicated by irritability of temper...

Lancing Swellings

See Abscess. ...

More Facts!

I have been treating several hundred cases of eruptive fevers...

Local Applications

That medicines act locally, that is, manifest their symptoms ...

Hooping Cough

See Whooping Cough. ...

Strabismus Discordance Of The Eyes

If neither of the rectus muscles have been cut and cicatrized...


Use the A D current, strong force. Place the N. P., long cord...


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Often in cases where our treatment fails to cure, the failure
is due to the patient taking aconite as an allopathic remedy. Used
homoeopathically, it may be harmless, but if taken in considerable
doses, even once a month, it prevents all cure. It gives relief in
heart palpitation, and in case of extreme sensibility, but its other
poisonous effects far outweigh the temporary benefits. A gentle, kindly
soaping with soap lather (see Lather and Soap) over all the body will
relieve extreme sensibility far better than aconite, and can be
frequently repeated without injury. Aconite must be avoided if our
treatment is to be effective.

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