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Caffein can irritate the heart and cause irregularity and ta...

One's Self

TO be truly at peace with one's self means rest indeed. Th...

Site Of Lodgment

The majority of foreign bodies in the air passages occur in ...


It has long been known that altitude increases the heart rate...

Fever Delirium In

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Direct Laryngoscopy In Diseases Of The Larynx

The diagnosis of laryngeal disease in young children, impossi...

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This is a matter of great importance to the sick. Nor is anyth...


In the non-cicatricial forms, galvanocaustic puncture applie...

The Lower Animals

It may, by some, be objected that, if we regard sensation as ...

Beef Tea

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Vegetables Green And Fruit

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It is difficult to determine the presence of _worms_ in child...


The treatment under Glands, Swollen, should be followed. But b...

The Throat Should Be Covered With A Wet Compress I E A Piece Of

linen four to eightfold, according to its original thickness, d...

Fatty Heart

The cause of deposits of fat around the heart or in between i...

Use Of The Long Cord

It is often desirable to bring the entire parts of the patien...


If one put into his mouth nothing but food, foreign body acc...


See Boil. ...


See Rash. ...

Do Not Hurry

HOW can any one do anything well while in a constant ...


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Source: Disturbances Of The Heart

It is rarely, if ever, advisable to use alcohol. In certain
instances, however, especially in older patients who are accustomed
to alcohol, a little whisky administered several times a day may act
only for good, both as a food and as a peripheral dilator. But it
must be remembered that alcohol is not a cardiac stimulant, and that
a large dose will be followed by more cardiac depression.
Nitroglycerin may act as well as whisky in the kind of cases
mentioned. Caffein stimulation in any form is generally inadvisable
during inflammation of the heart.

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