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Medical Articles

Length Of Bath

Although the temperature, in sthenic cases, should be a littl...


Smoking, a Senseless Habit. Smoking is the curious act of dra...


Many of the troubles which come in this process arise simply f...

Water On The Chest

Sometimes a large watery swelling appears in one part or anoth...


Is the process whereby the digested food is carried into the b...


This frequent and severe trouble results most usually from chi...

Night Sweats

This distressing symptom, which accompanies various illnesses,...


Arterial hypertension may be divided into stages. In the fi...

The Nose

How the Nose is Made. The nose began as a pair of little puck...

Amenorrhea Suppressed Menstruation

Treat as for chlorosis. But if the case be recent--the effect...

Favorable Symptoms

are the following: Absence of internal inflammation; a bright...

Bilious Colic

This disease, in addition to the symptoms of cutting, crampin...


This distressing and most infectious trouble is due to a small...

Testing For Electric Defects

These tests should be made beforehand; not when about to com...

St Vitus' Dance

This proceeds from a simple irritation of the spinal nerves, a...

Version Of A Safety Pin

A safety pin of very small size may be turned over in a dire...

Punctures Case Xii

A servant maid was bitten by a dog in four places--severely o...


Though not often fatal, this illness gives serious trouble. It...

Don't Talk

THERE is more nervous energy wasted, more nervous str...

Physical Care

REST, fresh air, exercise, and nourishment, enough of each in...

Acute Diarrhea

Source: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

Take B D current. Place N. P., long cord, upon the lumbar vertebrae and
sacrum, moving it often along the spine, from a position opposite to the
umbilicus down to the coccyx; and treat with P. P. over the abdomen, and
more especially wherever pain or sensations of uneasiness appear. In
severe cases, treat several times in a day--once in two to three hours,
if need require, three to five minutes at a time. Use current of full
medium strength, if the patient can bear it.

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