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Tests Of Heart Strength

If both systolic and diastolic blood pressure are taken, and ...


In serious cases of this trouble, the patient awakes some time...


See Cancer in Foot. ...

Diseases And Disturbances Of The Skin

Their Chief Causes. Skin troubles are of two main kinds accor...

Back Failures

Often a severe pain in the toe, foot, ankle, or lower leg has ...

Bruises Case Xvi

J. Jennings, bricklayer, aged 26, fell through the roof of a ...

The Relations Of The Principal Bloodvessels To The Viscera Of The Thoracico-abdominal Cavity

The median line of the body is occupied by the centres of the...

Safety-pin Closer

There are a number of methods for the endoscopic removal of ...


JOHANN JOSEPH GASSNER, who was regarded as a thaumaturge by h...

Recent Wounds Contusions And Burns

Use the B D current, strong force as can be borne. Bring the ...

Stage 2

Passing the cricopharyngeus is the most difficult part of es...


This disease consists in a looseness of the bowels, generally...


Emetic, followed by white of egg. Keep very warm. ...

Theory Of Man

Let the question now be raised--What is man? The answer will ...


In hypertension, as long as the heart, which is probably hyp...


The following treatment will be found effective to heal less s...

Onion Cases

All too many of my cases are what I privately refer to as oni...

Our Relations With Others

EVERY one will admit that our relations to others sho...

Paroxysm Drugs

The part the nervous system plays in this paroxysm is shown b...

Cardiac Drugs

Whether any drug should be used which acts directly on the he...

Acute Diarrhea

Source: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

Take B D current. Place N. P., long cord, upon the lumbar vertebrae and
sacrum, moving it often along the spine, from a position opposite to the
umbilicus down to the coccyx; and treat with P. P. over the abdomen, and
more especially wherever pain or sensations of uneasiness appear. In
severe cases, treat several times in a day--once in two to three hours,
if need require, three to five minutes at a time. Use current of full
medium strength, if the patient can bear it.

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