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Clinical Interpretation Of Pulse Tracings

A moment may be spent on clinical interpretation of pulse tra...

Distinctive Use Of Each Pole

I have said that every disease is preternaturally either posi...


See Veins, Swollen, etc. ...


The treatment under Glands, Swollen, should be followed. But b...

Inflammation Deep-seated

Often inflammation occurs in the centre of, or beneath, a mass...

Simple Hypertrophy

Like any other muscular tissue, the heart hypertrophies whe...

Spring Trouble

Many persons are distressed by some form of eruption or inflam...

Sitting (or Sitz) Bath

This bath, in whatever form administered, is essentially a sit...

Feet Giving Way

Where there is a great deal of standing to be done by any one,...


I have little to say with regard to _diet_, at least to physi...

The Temperature Of The Room However Should Be A Few Degrees

higher than in scarlatina, as none of these other eruptive dise...

Classification Of Cardiac Disturbances

For the sake of discussing the therapy of cardiac disturban...

Of Whitlow

The lunar caustic is very useful in the treatment of this pai...

Blood Purifying

Fever arising from bad state of the blood may be treated by ca...

Suggestions For The Control Of Athletics

1. Gymnasiums and athletic grounds in connection with all col...

Asphyxia Suspended Animation

Use B D current, pretty strong force. Place P. P. at back of ...

Ankle Twisted Or Crushed

Place the foot as soon as possible in warm water, as hot as ca...


Dysphagia is the most frequent complaint in cases of esophag...

Testing For Electric Defects

These tests should be made beforehand; not when about to com...


The diet of the sick should he nutricious, but at all times s...


Source: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

After the bath, the patient is rubbed dry, and either taken to his bed,
or, if he feels well enough, dressed and induced to walk about the room,
or placed in a snug corner (not near the fire, however), till he feels
tired and wishes to go to bed. During his stay out of bed, the rash
ought to be an object of constant attention for his friends; for as soon
as it becomes pale, the patient ought to be sent to bed immediately and
covered well, or should then the rash continue to become paler and
paler, the pack should be renewed, and the patient kept in bed ever
after, till desquamation is over.

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