Cholera Malignant

Sources: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

As in cholera morbus, keep the patient on his back, still as can be. Use

A D current, full medium strength.

In the early stage, or during the "rice-water" discharges, and down to

the time of collapse, treat the abdomen and thorax with P. P., having N.

P., long cord, on back of neck--not too near the head. After treating

so a few moments--say four to six minutes--remove P. P. to the back, and

pass it along close upon each side of the spinous processes from the

lower lumbar up to about the middle of the dorsal vertebrae. Continue

this about three or four minutes.

If cramping accompany the vomiting and purging, carry the P. P. a part

of the time to the muscles in spasm, leaving N. P. still at the back of

neck, with long cord.

Repeat the above processes as often as once an hour until symptoms

improve. Then reduce their frequency as the case will admit of.

In the state of collapse, place P. P., long cord, at the coccyx, and

manipulate with N. P. over the entire trunk and arms; bestowing a larger

share of treatment along up the spine than elsewhere. Then remove P.

P., long cord, to feet, and work with N. P. all over the lower limbs

and hips. Treat in this stage of the disease some six or eight minutes

at a time, and repeat it as the case seems to demand--once in thirty

minutes to once in two, four or six hours, until improvement or death

shall ensue. (See page 81.)