Cephalagia Headache

Sources: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

1. "Nervous headache." Take the B D current--moderate force. Place P.

P. on back of neck, just below the brain, and manipulate with

side-sponge cup, N. P., all the way down the spine and over the back.

It may often be necessary to apply the P. P. directly to the suffering

part of the head. In that case, take the soft Faradaic current B C. If

the fluid in the battery cell be fresh, use very little--just enough to

reach well the platina plate and make the machine run. Wet the hair

thoroughly through to the scalp, where the electrode is to be applied.

Seat the patient on N. P., or let him hold it in both his hands, (the

former is the better way), and treat lightly over the affected parts of

the head with P. P. Treat five to ten minutes, as may be required, and

if the pain returns, repeat the treatment. Only a very light current can

be safely applied directly to the brain, and that an induced Faradaic


2. Sick Headache. The procuring cause of this distressing disease is

involved in considerable mystery. It seems, however, to be largely

dependent on the secretion and discharge into the duodenum of an

improper quantity of bile, and an irregularity in the peristaltic action

of the upper part of the bowels, particularly of the duodenum, in which

that action more or less is reversed, and thereby throws the biliary

fluid up, through the pylorus, into the stomach. After a time, the

stomach becomes nauseated by its accumulation; and the head, through

nervous sympathy, is rendered electrically positive in excess, and thus

is made to ache. Yet there are certain characteristics of the disease

which this view does not satisfactorily explain, and which must remain

unexplained until advancing science shall reveal to us more perfect


When this disease has become habitual and periodic, it is very

obstinate, and requires persistent treatment--often for several months.

Take the B D current, with moderate force. Place the N. P. on the spine,

immediately above the kidneys, and treat with P. P. over the stomach and

the duodenum, (lying transversely just below the stomach), three to

five minutes. Treat in this manner about twice a week.

It may sometimes be necessary to treat the head directly. If so, after

the treatment above prescribed, add that prescribed for the head

directly, in nervous headache, with this difference, viz: instead of

seating the patient on the N. P., or placing the same in his hands, pass

it over the stomach and duodenum, unless the former may be already too

positive. In that case, let the N. P. be at the seat.