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Medical Articles

The Resort Treatment Of Chronic Heart Disease

In line with the continued growing popularity of special reso...

Climate And Soil

The soil on which one lives is a matter of primary importance;...

Inflammatory Outbreaks

Sometimes a severe out-break and eruption will occur in and ar...

Human Dust

WHEN we face the matter squarely and give it careful ...

Theory Of Man

Let the question now be raised--What is man? The answer will ...


I KNOW a woman who says that if she wants to get her ...


It is essential that the patient on whom the examination is t...

Cold Cloths

See Towels, Cold Wet. ...

Constant Complaints

Alice was a middle-aged woman who couldn't understand why she...

The Repugnant Bowel

I don't know why, but people of our culture have a deep-seate...

Breast Swelling In

A blow on the breast, or the drain of nursing a child, along w...

The Use Of Forceps In Endoscopic Foreign Body Extraction

Two different strengths of forceps are supplied, as will be s...

Removal Of Growth From The Laryngeal Ventricle

After exposing the larynx in the usual manner, if the head i...

Throat Sore (clergyman's)

Those who are in the habit of using their voice much should be...


Swellings in the breast often arouse fear of cancer, but are g...

Malignant Endocarditis Ulcerative Endocarditis

Since we have learned that bacteria are probably at the botto...


See Paralysis. ...

Enemas Cold Water

Prejudice often exists against cold treatment of any kind, but...

Typhoid Fever

Ulcerative lesions in the larynx during typhoid fever are al...

Diagnosis From Measles

In scarlatina the heat is much greater, and the pulse is much...


Source: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

Decannulation in neoplastic cases depends upon the
nature of the growth, and its curability. Cicatricial contraction
following operative removal of malignant growths is best treated by
intubational dilatation, provided recurrence has been ruled out. The
stenosis produced by benign tumors is usually relieved by their

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