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Medical Articles

Extraction Of Tacks Nails And Large Headed Foreign Bodies From The Tracheobronchial Tree

In cases of this sort the point presents the same difficulty...

Acetic Acid

is a most efficient remedy applied to old irritable _varicose...

Human Dust

WHEN we face the matter squarely and give it careful ...


Simple remedies such as we advocate are found of immense servi...


The present 100 per cent mortality in cancer of the esophagu...

Inflammation Of The Bowels

See Bowels. ...


See Cancer in Foot. ...

Necessity Of Allaying The Heat

The packs and baths should be continued, even when the patien...

Flannel Bands

See Band, Flannel. ...

Uric Acid

This acid is found in persons of a gouty tendency, such tenden...

Cooling In Heating

Often it is difficult to get a sufficient cooling effect by me...


This forms a severe feature in many cases of illness, and has ...

Demonstrations Of The Nature Of Congenital And Infantile Inguinal Herniae And Of Hydrocele

PLATE 39. Fig. 1--The descent of the testicle from the loins ...


If an epidemic prevails in the neighbourhood, or a case occurs...


Clothing should be light yet warm, and sufficiently free so as...


has great power as a local remedy in _Erysipelas_, to be appl...

Compression Stenosis Of The Trachea And Bronchi

Compression of the trachea is most commonly caused by goiter...


It may be proper, in this place, to spend a few words upon el...


If pneumonia or gonorrhea is supposed to be the cause of the ...

Diet And Baths In Heart Disease

The diet in cardiac diseases has already incidentally been ...

The Inward And The Outward Current

Source: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

I have already said that when the conducting-cords are of equal length,
as for the most part they should be, the central point of the circuit
will be in the person of the patient, about midway between the two
electrodes. Now, since the current always runs from the positive to the
negative pole, and makes its whole circuit in that direction, it will be
readily seen that, from the place on the patient where the positive pole
is applied, inward as far as to the central point, the direction of the
current may properly be said to be inward; and that, from the central
point to the place of the negative electrode, where the current comes
out, its direction may be said to be outward. When, therefore, a part
is treated with the positive pole, or when the part under treatment
appears anywhere between the positive pole and the central point, it is
not unusual to say, It is treated with the inward current. And when a
part is treated with the negative pole, or when it appears between the
central point and the negative pole, it is often spoken of as being
treated with the outward current.

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