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Category: Diseases of Women

Our busy life, our manner of dress, with all its attending demands are
causing havoc with the health of women who are under its terrible strain.
The number of women undergoing operations in our public and private
hospitals from day to day bears witness to the ravages of the strenuous
social life and mute testimony of the neglect of the laws of nature. Good
health is the fruition of eternal vigilance and a blessing that money
cannot buy. The conduct and health of our women represents the life of our
nation; individually, in a measure at least, health governs the happiness
of the home. Steele says: "All a woman has to do in this world is
contained within the duties of a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a
mother." But how many girls grow to womanhood untaught; enter wifehood in
ignorance, and assume motherhood wholly unprepared for the duties that are
thrust upon her. It would be out of place in a work of this nature, a
family table book, to take up all the questions involved in such a
subject; we can only leave with you a word of warning. Before puberty the
girl should be taught to lead a life that will make her strong and healthy
to prepare her for the coming strain upon her system. Once she has reached
puberty parents should remember, above all things, that HEALTH is far more
important than high grades in school. Do not offer prizes for high marks
and otherwise add to the pressure of the present school system. Relieve
her of worry, do not add to it. A cheerful mind, plenty of fresh air and
sunshine is more important at this period than school work. We have paid
special attention to "Causes" in this department; may we ask you, Mother
and Daughter, to read "CAUSES" of disease and thus render unnecessary in
later life, drugs, medicines, headache tablets and, perhaps, operations.

The Pelvis. It is so called from its resemblance to a basin, is stronger
and, more massively constructed than either the skull or chest cavity; it
is a bony ring, interposed between the lower end of the spine, which it
supports, and the lower extremities, upon which it rests. It is composed
of four bones, the two innominated, (nameless), which bound it on either
side and in front, and the Sacrum and Coccyx, which complete it behind.
Further description will be given in the department of Obstetrics. The
cavity of the pelvis contains the bladder, the rectum, and some of the
generative organs peculiar to each sex and some windings of the small
intestine; they are partially covered by the peritoneum (lining membrane
of the abdominal cavity).

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