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Category: Digestive Organs

This is simply a symptom; many diseases cause it, as scarlet
fever, tuberculosis, meningitis, acute dyspepsia, biliousness, chronic
dyspepsia, indigestion, neuralgia of the bowels, appendicitis, ulcer and
cancer of the stomach, pregnancy, etc. Many persons with dyspepsia vomit
their food.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES for Vomiting. 1. Spice Poultice to Stop. "Make a
poultice of one-half cup of flour and one teaspoonful of each kind of
ground spice, wet with alcohol or whisky. Apply over the stomach." This
acts as a counter irritant and has the same action on the system as a
mustard plaster, only not so severe and can be left on for hours, as there
need be no fear of blistering. This kind of a poultice should always be
used when it is necessary to leave one on any length of time.

2. Vomiting, Mustard Plaster to Stop. "Plaster of mustard on pit of
stomach." Be very careful not to allow the plaster to remain on too long,
as it will blister, and this would be worse to contend with than the

3. Vomiting, Parched Corn Drink to Stop. "Take field corn and parch it as
brown as you can get it without burning. When parched throw in boiling
water and drink the water as often as necessary until vomiting is

4. Vomiting, Peppermint Leaves Application for. "Bruise peppermint leaves
and apply to the stomach." This can be found in any drug store in a powder
form, and is easily prepared by crushing the leaves and applying to the
stomach. If you have the essence of peppermint in the house, that will
answer about the same purpose taken internally and rubbed over abdomen.

5. Vomiting, to Produce, Mustard and Water for. "To produce vomiting take
two tablespoonfuls dry mustard, throw luke warm water over it and let
stand a minute, then drink." This is an old, tried remedy that we all know

6. Vomiting, to Produce, Warm Water for. "Drink a quart of warm water and
you will easily find relief at once." The warm water remedy is very good
as the water helps the patient by removing all decomposed food.


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