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Sources: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

Take the A. D. current, medium force, in all forms of the diseases.

1. When acute, and characterized by high inflammation, with bright,

smooth swelling, and spreading gradually and sometimes rapidly to

surrounding parts; or when small vesicles appear on the inflamed parts,

which dry up in little branlike scales and fall off.

If it be located anywhere upon the face, place N. P., long cord, upon

> back of neck, and treat the parts affected with P. P. Treat about three

to five minutes at a time, three or four times daily.

If it be located in the arm or hand, place the extremity in tepid water

with N. P., long cord, and treat upon or just above the diseased part

with P. P.

If it be in any part of the trunk, (which, in this form, is not so

common,) place N. P., long cord, upon some point of the spine as near

the diseased part as may be, but a little lower down, and treat the part

affected with P. P.

In each of these cases, treat briefly, but frequently, as directed


2. When small, blister-like, serous vesicles--phlyctaena--appear, and

the inflammation terminates in gangrene; or when there is such an

infiltration of serum as to produce an [oe]dematous condition, place P.

P., long cord, upon some convenient healthy part, (the spinal cord, or

other nerve centre which gives nervous service to the part affected, is

best,) and treat the lesion with N. P., light force, five to eight

minutes daily.