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Sources: Disturbances Of The Heart

It should be understood that especially in acute conditions a

positive separation of endocarditis from myocarditis is incorrect.

Acute endocarditis can probably not occur without some inyocarditis,

and myocarditis probably does not occur without some endocardial

disturbance and perhaps some pericardial irritation. This is

especially true in endocarditis which occurs during any acute

infection, even in rheumatism. The greater the amount of

pericarditis, the more serious is the acute condition. The greater

the amount of myocarditis, the more doubtful is the heart strength

in the near future. The greater the amount of endocarditis, the

greater the doubt of freedom from future permanent valvular lesions.

Endocarditis may be divided into: acute mild (simple) endocarditis,

acute malignant (ulcerative, infective) endocarditis, chronic

endocarditis and valvular disease.