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Plate Iv

Sources: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

A, Gastroscopic view of a gastrojejunostomy opening drawn patulous by

the tube mouth. (Gastrojejunostomy done by Dr. George L. Hays.) B,

Carcinoma of the lesser curvature. (Patient afterward surgically

explored and diagnosis verified by Dr. John J. Buchanan.) C, Healed

perforated ulcer. (Patient referred by Dr. John W. Boyce.)

Drawn from a case of postdiphtheric subglottic stenosis cured by the

author's method of direct galvanocauterization of the hypertrophies.

A, Immediately after removal of the intubation tube; hypertrophies

like turbinals are seen projecting into the subglottic lumen. B, Five

minutes later; the masses have now closed the lumen almost completely.

The patient became so cyanotic that a bronchoscope was at once

introduced to prevent asphyxia. C, The left mass has been cauterized

by a vertical application of the incandescent knife. D, Completely and

permanently cured after repeated cauterizations. Direct view;

recumbent patient.