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Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

Is applicable to inflamed eyes, in the early stage, where the disease is

in the conjunctiva, (that portion which lines the lids and covers the

front of the ball), especially if there is a sense of scratching, as

though some foreign substance is in the eye, great intolerance of light,

chilly sensations, with more or less fever, and quick pulse. Put three

or four drops to a gill of warm water, and apply it freely.

It is also very valuable for _Neuralgia_, applied strong and warm, along

the course, or at the origin of the affected nerve. In neuralgia of the

face, apply it upon the side of the face, also just behind and below the

ear of the affected side.

It is of much value as a remedy for neuralgic affections of the womb. I

have relieved the most distressing symptoms of neuralgia of the womb, in

a few minutes, by injecting warm water containing twenty to forty drops

of _tr. Aconite_ to the pint. By repeating this application at every

paroxysm, patients recover rapidly, each succeeding attack being

lighter, and the interval between being longer, until they cease

entirely. It may be used with much benefit in the same manner, for

_Hysteritis_, as well as recent cases of _Leucorrhoea_. It is the most

valuable remedy applied to the _Eye_ for a _wound_ of that organ.

In _Gonorrhoea_, it is more valuable as a local remedy, than most of

those now in use. It will frequently cure alone. In this case, it is to

be used with an equal part of the _tr_. and warm water.