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A Collection Of Gallbladders

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Sources: How And When To Be Your Own Doctor

Gallbladder cases are rather ho-hum to me; they are quick to respond

to hygienic treatment and easy to resolve. I've fixed lots of them.

But an inflamed gallbladder is in no way ho-hum to the person

afflicted with it. I've been frequently told that there are no worse

pains a body can create than an inflamed gallbladder or the

sensations accompanying the passing of a gall stone. I hear from

kidney patients that passing
kidney stone is worse but I've never

had a patient who experienced both kinds of stones to give me an

honest comparative evaluation.

The only thing dangerous about simple gallbladder problems is

ignoring them (between the bouts of severe pain they can cause)

because then the inflamed gallbladder can involve the liver. I

already told the story of how my own mother lost half her liver this


The condition is usually caused by a combination of hereditary

tendency, general toxemia, and/or a high-fat diet, especially one

high in animal fats. The liver makes bile that is stored in the

gallbladder, to be released on demand into the small intestine to

digest fat. A toxic, overloaded liver makes irritating

sediment-containing bile that inflames the gallbladder and forms

stones. A high-fat diet forces the liver to make even more of this


A toxic, overloaded, inflamed, blocked gallbladder is capable of

causing an enormous array of symptoms that can seem to have no

connection at all to their cause. In part these same symptoms are

caused by a toxic, constipated colon that, in part, got that way

because of poor fat digestion over a long time. These symptoms

include: severe back pain; headache; bloating; burping; nausea;

insomnia; intestinal gas; generalized aches and pains.

Medical doctors used to remove a troublesome gallbladder without

hesitation; it was an organ they considered to be highly

dispensable. Without one, the bile duct takes over as a bladder but

its capacity is much smaller so the person's ability to digest fats

has been permanently crippled, leading to increased toxemia and

earlier aging if fats are not eliminated from the diet. These days

the medicos have a new, less invasive procedure to eliminate stones;

they are vibrated and broken-up by ultrasonics without major

surgery. Inflamed gallbladders are usually removed because

gallbladder inflammations resist treatment by antibiotics.

There are several very effective natural gallbladder remedies. The

best is a three week fast, taking the juice of one or two lemons

every day, along with colonics. The lemon juice tends to clear the

bile duct. The fast allows the gallbladder to heal from

inflammation. In cases that aren't too severe I have had very good

results simply eliminating fats from the diet and using a food

supplement derived from beet tops called AF Betafood. However, in

all these cases, once the gallbladder is no longer "acting up," the

person must stay on a low fat diet. Any fats they do eat must be

vegetable and in small quantities.

By healing their gallbladders and cleansing their colons, several of

my clients have resolved severe, debilitating back pain, pain so

severe that the suffers were becoming bedridden. Medical doctors

don't associate gallbladder disease with back pain.