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A Healthy Colon

Categories: Colon Cleansing
Sources: How And When To Be Your Own Doctor

From my point of view the most amazing part of this whole experience

was that the chiropractor did not recommend any dietary changes

whatsoever. His patients were achieving great success from colonics

alone. I had thought dietary changes would be necessary to avoid

having the same dismal bowel condition return. I still think

colonics are far more effective if people are on a cleansing diet

too. However, I was delighted
to see the potential for helping

people through colonics.

For me, the most interesting part of this colonic school was that I

personally was required to have my own barium enema and X-ray. I was

privately certain that mine would look normal, because after all, I

had been on a raw food diet for six years, and done considerable

amount of fasting, all of which was reputed to repair a civilized

colon. Much to my surprise my colon looked just as mangled and

dysfunctional as everyone else's', only somewhat worse because it

had a loop in the descending colon similar to a cursive letter "e"

which doctors call a volvulus. Surgeons like to cut volvululii out

because they frequently cause bowel obstructions. It seemed quite

unfair. All those other people with lousy looking colons had been

eating the average American diet their whole life, but I had been so


On further reflection I remembered that I had a tendency toward

constipation all through my childhood and young adulthood, and that

during my two pregnancies the pressure of the fetus on an already

constipated bowel had made it worse resulting in the distorted

structure seen in the X-ray. This experience made it very clear that

fasting, cleansing diets, and corrected diet would not reverse

damage already done. Proper diet and fasting would however, prevent

the condition of the colon from getting any worse than it already


I then realized that I had just purchased the very tool I needed to

correct my own colon, and I was eager to get home to get started on

it. I had previously thought that I was just going to use this

machine for my patients, because they had been asking for this kind

of an adjunct to my services for some time. I ended up giving myself

over a hundred colonics at the rate of three a week over many

months. I then out of curiosity had another barium enema and X-ray

to validate my results. Sure enough the picture showed a colon that

looked far more 'normal' with no vulvulus. That little "e" had