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Priessnitz's Method The Wet-sheet-pack

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

a remedy which, alone, is worth the whole antiphlogistic, diaphoretic,

and, indeed, the whole curative apparatus of the profession, in ancient

and modern times, for any kind of fevers, and especially for eruptive

diseases. Nor did the physicians before Priessnitz know anything about

the use of the _sitz-bath_ for affections of the brain in torpid

reaction, which in such cases, is the only anchor of safety. In short,

water-treatment was, like other methods, an excellent thing for certain

symptoms, but not generally and safely applicable in every case.

To appreciate the effects of the wet-sheet pack, one must have seen it

used for inflammatory fever, when it acts like a charm, frequently

removing all the feverish symptoms, and their cause, in a few hours.