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Preliminary Remarks

Sources: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

The author wishes to caution the reader not to rely merely on the forms

of treatment here prescribed, but to study thoroughly the principles

taught in the preceding pages, until he shall have mastered them, and

can judge for himself of the correctness of these prescriptions. It

should be remembered, however, that the diseases here considered are

viewed in their simple or uncomplicated states. Where complications

the treatment must be modified according to the judgment of the


In these instructions, it is always to be understood that the treatment

prescribed is with cords of equal length, except when the long cord

is especially mentioned.

In most of the local diseases here named, particularly those which are

electrically negative, it is desirable to supplement the local

treatment prescribed with occasional general tonic treatment, where,

in the judgment of the practitioner, it can be given without detriment

to the local affection.

In all treatments, the electrodes should be moistened with warm water.