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Pulmonary Phthisis Consumption

Sources: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

After tubercles have been formed extensively in the lungs, and have

softened down over considerable area, carrying down the pulmonary

tissue with them into a state of pus, there is commonly but little hope

of successful treatment. But where they are restricted to comparatively

small extent, and no ulceration exists, they may be decomposed and

absorbed away, or be thrown off in expectoration, and the affected parts

be h

If the case be a recent one, and acute fever, combined, perhaps, with

more or less inflammation, appear in the lungs, use the A C current, in

moderate force, yet all the patient can bear without special distress.

Place N. P., long cord, upon the upper dorsal vertebrae for treating

the upper part of the lungs, or upon the lower dorsal vertebrae for

treating their lower part. Then pass P. P. over all the affected parts.

Treat in this manner five to eight minutes, daily, until the

inflammation is suppressed, which will be indicated by an abatement of

the extreme sensitiveness and lancinating pain under the electrode.

Then, if feverish action continue high, remove the N. P. to the

coccyx, or to the lower part of the sacrum, taking the B D current,

mild force, with cords of equal length, and treat, as before, with

P. P. over the affected parts, and also over the thorax generally, and

along down the spine to the lower dorsal vertebrae. Continue this

treatment ten to fifteen minutes, daily, until the fever is removed, or

nearly so. For this part of the treatment, it is best to use the hand as

the P. electrode, and to diffuse the current over the whole palm of the

hand wherever special soreness appears. It is better, also, that the

patient receive the treatment in bed, secure from any chilliness or

current of air, so as to facilitate perspiration.

If the case be one of long standing, and more or less of pus, or pus

and tubercles, be raised in coughing, take the A D current, with equal

cords and very mild force. Reduce the quantity of battery fluid if

necessary. Now place P. P. at the coccyx and treat with N. P., (the

hand is here much the best), over all the diseased parts. Change

occasionally by removing P. P. to back of neck with long cord. The

object is to bring the diseased parts under a very light force of the A

D current, such as is especially healing in old ulcers and chronic

irritation. But if this action should at any time increase fever or

inflammation in the lungs, the poles must be reversed for one or two

treatments. In this stage of the disease, treat ten to twelve or fifteen

minutes, daily, for three or four days, and after that, three times a