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Categories: Diseases of Women

These are named after their discoverer,
Fallopian, an Italian anatomist. These tubes begin at the part of the body

of the womb that extends out like a horn. This is on the sides near the

top of the body of the womb. They are two in number and extend outward on

each side for about four inches; each end forms a fringe or finger shape

to catch the egg, as it emerges from the ovary. Through the center there

is a tube or canal, and the inner lining of the womb continues on and

lines this canal, the mucous membrane of the Fallopian tubes. When this

lining or membrane becomes inflamed it is called Salpingitis or

Inflammation of the Fallopian tubes. Salpingitis is derived from two

words: Salping, meaning tube; ltis, meaning inflammation; Fallopian was

the discoverer. Thus we have Salping(x)itis, or Inflammation of the

Fallopian tubes. Unfortunately in medical description it is generally

called Salpingitis.