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Categories: Diseases of The Nervous System

Wine, worry and women produce a great many cases of this
disease. The doctors claim a notorious criminal now committed to one

asylum and about whom we have read so much, is a victim of this disease.

First stage. There is worry, anxiety, sleeplessness and melancholy.

Second stage. Stage of mania, wealth, power, and grandeur, alternating in

some cases with attacks of temporary depressions.

/> Third stage. Patient passes into a condition of subacute or chronic

mania, with a slow tendency to decadence of all the powers, idiotic.

Fourth stage. Stage of physical and mental failure and of death. Syphilis

causes most cases. It usually develops between twenty-five and fifty

years. The outlook for such cases is very unfavorable, as the patient

usually dies from one to eight or ten years after the beginning of the


TREATMENT. There have been great advances made in recent years in the

treatment of persons mentally unsound. They should be placed under proper

treatment at an early stage. The causes have been given so that preventive

measures may be taken.