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Category: Respiratory Diseases

Swelling or oedma of the glottis or more correctly of the
structure which forms the glottis, is a very serious affection. It may
follow acute laryngitis or may be met with in chronic diseases of the
larynx and from other diseases. It is dangerous.

Symptoms. Difficulty of breathing which increases in intensity so that
the condition becomes very serious in a short time. There is whistling
breathing, the voice is husky and disappears.

Acute Laryngitis. Inhalations and sprays.

Menthol 10 grains
Oil of pine 1 dram
Tincture of benzion 1 dram
Liquid alboline 2 ounces

Make a solution. Use one teaspoonful in a pint of boiling water; inhale
with a cone placed over the dish or put a shawl over the head and dish and
inhale the steam. Or this one to inhale same way:

Tincture of benzoin 1 dram
Oil of tar 1 drain
Liquid alboline 2 ounces

Make a solution and use one teaspoonful to a pint of boiling water as

It may be necessary in order to save life, to have a physician make an
opening by incision into the windpipe for the admission of air into the
lungs. This process is called Tracheotomy.

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