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Categories: Kidney and Bladder

It may occur from injury
from passing a catheter, etc., from the use of drugs like cantharides,

from the presence of a stone, from stricture of the urethra and from

gonorrhea or cold.

Symptoms. The urine is passed more frequently, sometimes the desire to

pass the urine is almost constant. The distress is relieved for only a few

minutes by passing the urine; sometimes only a few drops are passed, and

it gives no relief from the desire for passing urine. The straining is

extremely severe. Sometimes the patient will lean over the vessel

quivering with the muscular effort to pass urine. The bowels often move at

the same time from the straining. The urine becomes thick with much mucus,

then scanty, and then tinged with blood.


BLADDER TROUBLE. Mothers' Remedies. 1. English Oil of Sandal Wood

for. "Get one ounce of the pure English oil of sandal wood, take four

drops three times a day in a little water. As you urinate more freely

reduce the dose. This is a splendid remedy."

2. Bladder Trouble, Effective Herb Teas for. "Make a tea of half ounce of

buchu leaves, half ounce of uva ursi leaves (barberry leaves), one pint of

boiling water. Dose: Two or three tablespoonfuls three times a day, or may

drink quite freely." A tea made of cornsilk is a common and standard


Treatment. Remove cause if possible. Fomentations of hops, smartweed,

wormwood are good, even hot water over the bladder. Hot hip bath is good,

and also the warm foot bath. The bowels should be kept open with saline

laxatives. Buchu tea is very good. Use about one-half ounce of the leaves

to a pint of warm water and let it steep, not boil. Drink freely of this.

Pumpkin seed tea or watermelon seed tea is good, also flaxseed tea. Dr.

Hare recommends the following at the beginning if there is fever:

Tincture of Aconite 3 drams

Sweet Spirits of Nitre 1 ounce

Solution of Citrate of Potash enough to make 6 ounces


Give a dessertspoonful every four hours until all fever ceases and the

pulse is quiet. The patient should be kept quiet.

Diet. Should be milk only.