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Auricular Fibrillation Pathology

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Source: Disturbances Of The Heart

Schoenberg [Footnote: Schoenberg: Frankfurt. Ztschr. f. Pathol.,
1909, ii, 4.] finds that in auricular fibrillation there are
definite signs in the node, such as round cell infiltration, showing
inflammation, a fibrosis of the tissue, and perhaps a sclerosis of
the blood vessels of that region. He also found that compression of
this nodal region of the auricle from some growth or other
disturbance in the mediastinal region could cause auricular

Jarisch [Footnote: Jarisch: Deutsch. Arch. f. klin. Med., 1914, cxv,
376.] finds by personal investigations and by studying the
literature that the node showed pathologic disturbance in less than
half the cases. Consequently, although a pathologic condition of the
node is a frequent, and perhaps the most frequent, cause of
auricular fibrillation, other conditions, especially anything which
dilates the right auricle, may cause it.

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