Before Perspiration Comes On There Is A Little More Excitement For

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

a few minutes (41), which must not induce the friends of the patient to

take him out of the pack; only when it continues to increase, instead of

the perspiration breaking out and relieving the patient, it will be

necessary to change the sheet, another time, as in that case the

organism is not fully prepared for perspiration. After the breaking out

of the latter, the patient invariably feels easier, and continues so for

some time. When the feverish symptoms increase, during perspiration,

which can be ascertained by feeling the pulse on the temples and by the

thermometer, it is time to remove the patient from the pack, to give him

his bath. Half an hour's perspiration is commonly sufficient; if the

patient feel easy, however, and can be prevailed upon to stay an hour,

or longer, till a good thorough perspiration brings permanent relief, it

will be better. It would be unwise to let the patient stay too long and

get him in a state of over-excitement; but, on the other hand, parents

ought to remember that very few children _like_ to be packed, and that

a patient in high fever is a bad judge of his own case. I have always

found those children the best patients, who had been brought up in

strict obedience to their patients' dictates, before they were sick, and

this, as well as the daily habit of taking baths, and the quiet and firm

behavior of the physician and friends of the patient under treatment

generally remove all difficulty.